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  Fine Art Photography

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I  need to speak about the sea, speak about unity

about energy from which it is all created.

It is about sensuality, about identifying with the elements,

with light and time,

with process itself,

with the invisible.

Speak about it as a whole.

The colors which are all present in one beam of light.

Rainbow is there all the time with all of us.

It is about waving the wings of a butterfly,

about constant change,

growing bit by bit everyday

about the power of stillness

one of the main photography essences.

  Capturing dailiness, that creates the universe.

Opposites of life and death, which are creating the tension of being.

We are all connected by nature

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“Never worry about being obsessive. I like obsessive people. Obsessive people make great art”

Susan Sontag

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I see photography as a phenomenon. My relationship with photography is an intimate one, because of its ability to catch the depth, the atmosphere, the unspeakable.

 I work mainly with the analog photography and I do experiment a lot with various mediums and processes.

Photography speaks to me in a tongue like no other voice or noise around. It helps me to understand my surroundings, to understand the layers of our world, where we live in. And foremost, the one that is opening inside me. I am growing and changing with it. It is an adventure to me, to think of all the variations of light and time in space, which are waiting out there to be found, seen and caught.

I am fascinated by the fragility of a present moment, of life and death and the endless tension between them, that constantly grows during the transformation cycles of the Earth.

I am well aware of being a part of the bigger story. I feel an importance in showing and spreading sensitivity towards nature that is around us and inside us.

I want to uncover the beauty of all smallest ephemeral elements, which can seem to be disapearing right before the eyes of our fast pacing society.

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